SIC has visited Ardex factory in Austria

During the last visit Ardex plant in Austria employees of Saturn Invest Constructions (SIC) have had a certified training how to work with Ardex materials. On the training were materials for the quick cement screeds (ardurapid effect), where you can continue to follow the work on the second day, due to the accelerated curing and reducing moisture content of 2-3% by crystallization of water in the screed, and by certain chemical properties of the active material which does not follow the shrinkage of the screed. These types of materials find their application in alive factories, who are in need of repair or construction sites where there is an extremely short timeframe of the project. The second type of the materials were different mixtures for crack bridging, valleys, and destruction of floor bases. Extremely important is find these shortcomings, in order to avoid subsequent manifestations of these defects on the surface of floor ceramic or liquid materials. The focus of training was protection of the concrete base, the laying of the soil and waterproofing layers to protect against the ingress of aggressive substances, acids and alkalis. The application and use of such materials increases the maintainability of individual damaged areas and avoids a significant cost for reconstruction in the future. Also much of the time was devoted to different types of adhesives from the company Ardex to lay the tile and ceramic granite coatings with low water absorption; epoxy adhesives; and epoxy grout for use in plants requiring maximum floor protection from aggressive chemicals used there; and acid agents; adhesives with different flow properties and working hours to improve working with the material; as well as special adhesives for laying of natural stone. Another topic was the issues associated with the installation of sealed joints, where special fillers by Ardex find their application. Certainly all these details are not some innovation for the company SIC due to long-standing and long-term partnership with Ardex and constant work with Ardex materials, however, this training has led to an increase of the skills quality of SIC employees. If you know more about details of working with materials you can develop more accurate and cost-effective scheme for their integrated applications and getting better final result. As a result SIC employees successfully passed and completed the training. According

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to the results of study the company Saturn Invest Constructions has received an official certificate from Ardex, and once again established itself as a certified professional manufacturer who works with Ardex materials. Together with Ardex SIC creates the best connection and perfection actions.