Adhesives, epoxides

A high role plays adhesive mixtures and protective waterproofing materials. There is a number of different mixtures used to create a protective connection, adhesive and cement mixtures for the tile, as well as grout and processing materials for finishing layer. Choosing from a list of these materials it depends primarily on the condition of the existing concrete bottom, which can be, in perfect condition, and the condition that requiring repair or complete reconstruction. Materials used by us are the most promising and innovative, first-saving time and money for our customers. Working with these materials means the utilization of certain unique technologies that allow to achieve a maximum quality and durability of the final layer. There are a number of high-speed materials, which reduce the total period of construction process for more than 3 times from cement screed stage to final completion stage of construction. In some cases, it is critical, when the customer is not able to stop production process for a long time.