Flooring scheme

The main type of floor cake

Based on many years of experience in the construction of concrete bottoms and floor coverings Saturn Invest Constructions has developed the most efficient, economical and durable method of laying tiles on the prepared concrete bottom. Below is a schematic illustration, which shows the basic principle of our work. Based on reliable, proven materials we manage to reach the maximum floor strength and provide protection from a variety of corrosive materials — acids and alkalis. Our method is unique and the scheme gives only a general idea of the composition of the floor cake. The most important role played by the specific materials used at each stage of manufacture. We are able to provide the best protection of the concrete bottom against water and other more aggressive substances. The further laying of special acid resistant epoxy-based adhesive also performs certain protective role base. The final layer of grout on the surface of the epoxy tile grouts for connecting together and make a resistance barrier against corrosive environments. Such layer gives you the guarantee of high durable service of floor cake and confidence in the safety of your money. Certainly, in more specific cases, our specialists are ready to offer even more types of flooring with the presence of additional protective layers required significant changes in temperature, elevated aggressive acid environment in the production area of the plant. Our proposed type is optimal for most of the species of the food industry. However, if necessary we develop an individual type of floor cake with more features, conditions and requirements for the particular production.

Adjoining the existing base

In many cases, our clients are under active development and expansion of industrial zones, where production facilities adjacent to the existing one. In such cases, we use a specific new base and its junction with the old one, where you must have a protective release layer in order to avoid possible destruction of the concrete bottom at the junction place. Resistant to compression of the joint, we are creating a border separating the existing foundation of the new abutment limiting it from further expansion and physical interaction with the old concrete bottom. Also based on epoxy resins, we provide the most effective contiguity and this provide protection for the concrete bottoms in the junction. This method is extremely important, and the result provides the correct junction with the old base. By following the scheme of «Basic floor cake», we protect ceramic tiles with acid-epoxy materials, which provide the perfect aesthetic effect of a single floor construction on the plant site as a whole.

Floor with compression jointing

Important role in the flooring is the presence of the compression jointing that reduce stress on certain areas of the floor. By the standards of the European manufacturers, such jointing should be embedded in the floor covering for every 40 square meters of floor space. In accordance with these standards, we also recommend our clients to use these joints in order to avoid the so-called fact, «opening the floor,» which is accompanied by destructive cracks from the concrete bottom. Similar joints is recommended in areas of movement of goods, gates and other adjacencies between rooms to reduce stress in the most obvious areas of high mechanical loads. We are developing compression joints in accordance with existing project facilities. This is another important detail, which will play an important role in the work life of the floors.

Floor with drainage ladders

We are starting with the preparation of the concrete bottom, followed by the installation of ladders and trays of drainage systems, and a final layer of the concrete bottom with protective agents. The diagram below shows the correct design of the working floor, where you can see a concrete bottom with specified deviations and integrated ladders. We use ladders with high strength and resistance to aggressive substances; they are made in a perfectly correct geometry, what plays an important role in the withdrawal of effluent water. Installation of drainage systems is a separate high-tech engineering work that we fill up with the reparation of the concrete bottom. The final result of our work will serve effectively according to its purpose and will affect the high quality of whole plant functionality.