For industries with various degrees of construction readiness, we develop and offer a variety of technologies that are suitable for your own plan.

One of our product is a vibration technique, which consists from the individual tiles «retracting» in the floor by vibrators. High frequency using ensures complete compression and consolidation of individual tiles into a single system.

Saturn Invest Constructions Company uses ceramic materials from the best manufacturers who have achieved the highest results in this area. We use ceramic tiles, which is stable for:

  • High physical activity;
  • Aggressive chemical environment;
  • Low and high temperatures levels and resistance to mechanical damage.

Vibration method has been specifically designed to provide a long life for ceramic floors in industrial and repair areas. This method is cheaper, cleaner, and faster as compared with the other, and at the same time ensures the high quality.

Advantages of this method are:

  • The optimum value;
  • Short installation time;
  • Smooth surface capable of withstanding extremely high loads;
  • Reduce the cost of material for grouting;
  • Integreated floor;
  • Output per day of 4 people team: 120-200 square meters.

This technology is known as one of the most durable. The correct choice of the ceramic tile regard to its technical properties, the study floor construction will reduce the problems in the future. This will be a result of the influence of human factors on the production process.

This technology is designed for the large commercial and industrial premises, where, due to its high quality and high speed stacking replacing conventional methods of laying tile, not counting the ability to provide more cost-effective design solutions.