Concrete bottom

Main construction services of mounting the concrete bottom starts at the stage of preparation and production of the concrete bottom which will affect the service of life of the floors. It is extremely important at this stage – most accurately determine the makeup and structure with reference to the purpose and further use of the concrete bottom. You should not try to retrench you resources on the quality of the concrete bottom, as a potential reconstruction with the use of expensive finishing materials, will cost considerably more expensive than correctly chosen technology and materials at the very beginning of the construction project. A special role plays different types of reinforcement, ensuring in protection from undesired corrosion environment at the initial stage. Planning starts with the environmental conditions, soil constitution, soil dampness, temperature and geodesy with correct levels of the concrete surface. Under standard conditions, at normal temperature and low soil dampness, as well as other influencing effects as moisture level – dampness level of the concrete with the mark of less than 5% is achieved within 28 days. Certainly there are more rapidly acting agents, the so-called fast cements that achieve the required resistance, hardness and dampness level within 2 days, however, these unique fast cements are more expensive and raise the total cost of this type of flooring. However, at the same time these fast cements are indispensable during reconstruction, when almost there are no opportunities and no time for production areas process interruption or there is a maximum just couple of weeks for such a stop break in service.

With considerable experience in construction of concrete bottoms and flooring, our company achieved significant results in this area and established itself as a highly representative on the construction market. Today, we are ready to take up the work of any complexity, find the most effective and often innovative solutions for the construction industry. Our primary task is to select the most technologically advanced, most importantly cost-effective technologies for our customer and every individual case. We do not use expensive materials where they are not needed, and we offer a project, which will reduce costs in some areas and reinforce the most problematic areas.

We pay attention to details and improve the quality of our work by protecting our final product against defects and damages. We use a waterproofing concrete bottom with internal and external cover to avoid moisture recharge and soil dampness, and acids. Due to special epoxides, we reach the highest level of protection for concrete bottom and achieve the endurance of the work life. Today, a small part of companies is working with epoxy-based floors or is not using these materials at all. Saturn Invest Constructions methods are based on its own practical experience, together with the takeovered European experience – the company is developing the technological model for the floors construction, which fully meets high-level European requirements.

High level of professionalism in our services is supposed to be the preparation of the concrete bottom with the correct slopes of the final surface, which are necessary for the effective work of embedded water drainage systems. As a rule, we provide full range of services to ensure the best result of the system: installing chutes and ladders of drainage systems, mounting the concrete bottom, creating the protection layers for hydro and acid isolation, and finalizing the installation of covering ceramic chemically resistant tiles. We realize the work with protection of concrete bottom, which gives an extra level of the floor resistance; we also create an aesthetic and architectural value and noble appearance of production areas.

In addition, special attention is paid to factors, which can lead to destruction. That is why we are working according to an individual plan, followed by installation of compression joints. General standards are indicated by the necessity of balanced jointing for every 40 square meters. However, the practical cases show that some of them may be cut into larger areas, and in other into smaller, for example additional structural elements such as columns , gates, partitions or a zone of high stress (storage area, industrial zone with heavy equipment).

Saturn Invest Constructions constantly improves its technology and operating principles. We get a new experience and offer top quality in each subsequent project. We achieve maximum satisfaction of our clients’ expectations through the implementation of the quality that meets the highest national and European standards. Our advantage is that we are performing a complex of services that we support with guaranties for many years. That is why we can be considered as a reliable partner and as a high-quality performer for these types of services.