Automative Industry

Automotive industry: repairing areas and services workshops are characterized by a high mechanical loading on the floor, often there is a fall of heavy things and separate units of the cars, quite often the floors are affected by chemicals, acids or petroleum products. Such companies are in need of a high-impact floor covering, which can stand against dust, statically and dynamic force.

Brick ceramic tiles of our partners from Germany, can truly be called an economic miracle. A price comparison with other fabricators shows who the winner is: 25 years of stable and safety service, when other types of floor covering need a renewal up to six times at the same period of time! You can feel patient and economically protected when you are making long term investment as you know that your floors will serve for 25 years or more without any damage!

Brick ceramic tiles and technologies, which we recommending and implementing, will meet all of these requirements for the automotive industry.

Владимир Ландышев

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