Food industry

Modern customer requirements are the most important conditions for the development and progress of food Industry. These requirements determine volume and the quality of production. Every year, manufacturers pay attention to technological innovations and the conditions of the industry in general, not excluding the development of competition. The successful development of the company in the market, the path of modernization and improvement of production capacity, production conditions and environment are an integral part of this development. That is why the future of the company are: the long-term prospects and use the most modern and advanced technologies in production.

Therefore, it is important to use the most promising technological solutions to provide effective and long-term service enterprise through:

  • The implementation of technological processes, optimizing production conditions and requirements for determining the subsequent reorganization of production and improve its efficiency;
  • High-quality, high-performance and cost-effective equipment for production and processing;
  • To create the most safe, environmentally friendly, reliable and harmonious environment for the production with resistance to aggressive agents.

For more than 10 years SIC specializes in providing of integrated solutions for the construction and reconstruction of food producers and is primarily focused on the process of floor making. SIC produces works of the highest quality standards according to domestic and European standards and has a comprehensive solution for floor construction, including:

  • Mounting of the concrete bottom;
  • Preparation of drainage systems and ladders;
  • Protection of the base against aggressive chemicals that destroy the environment;
  • Finishing the layer of the floor surface.

Reliability, easy to clean and life without repair — are the main requirements for floors in the food industry. Clinker flooring materials from our German partners — is the right decision for many decades!

Requirements for industrial floors in the food industry are constantly increasing. They should be acid resistant, alkali-resistant, as well as resistance to thermal and mechanical strain. For hygienic reasons, they should be smooth and easy to clean, but at the same time, they must have non-slip surface.

On such food industry, as dairies, breweries, beverage businesses, bakeries, fish processing plants, meat-processing plants, plants for processing of fresh salads and vegetables — floors must meet strict health and hygiene regulations.

Guided by these requirements, we recommend tiles from our partners, which have the highest mechanical properties; are resistant to the chemicals and acids, and their water absorption is less than 0.04%. An additional advantage of this tile is that it is offered in various shapes, sizes, and has a rich color palette.

With a wide experience of work on the floor construction in the food industry, we offer various types of production and detailed solutions of the work with all the specifics. Our partners are manufacturers of meat industry, confectionery sphere, breweries, the company processing vegetables and fresh greens. Due to close cooperation with our customers, and now – our partners — we got a great experience that allows us to solve problems of any complexity and meet the requirements of our customers in the shortest possible time and at the highest level of quality.