Saturn Invest Constructions is a successfully developing company, offering its unique and innovative technology solutions in the area of constructions of high-tech industrial floors in the domestic market. The basic principle of our company is to achieve the best results, quality of work that is why — we strive for perfection in every action. Represented by LLC «Saturn-Invest», our company is working in the construction market of the Russian Federation since 2000 and has established itself as a reliable business partner. We specialize in the manufacture and sale of floor systems «turnkey». With vibration methods, new materials and modern technologies, we guarantee the best result of our products.

Saturn Invest Constructions offers only high-quality products and services, which are achieved due to the result of safety, durability and architectural aesthetics. A significant amount of our technologies are unique and have no analogues in the domestic market. We set objects of different types of complexity, as well as development, the exchange of experiences and technologies with foreign representatives of the construction market – manufacturers of materials, construction companies, and construction of scientific research centers.

The company specializes in:

  • The chemically resistant ceramic floors for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and automotive industries;
  •  The drainage system for the floors;
  •  The modern, concrete floors with chemically resistant ceramic and polymer coating;
  •  The water-resistant ceramic and glass coatings.

Saturn Invest Constructions has an extensive experience in acid-floor ceramic floors in the food industry. Working directly with manufacturers of materials and using modern technology for floor covering, establish our image as a high performer in this type of services among our customers.

Saturn Invest Constructions is ready to perform a full range of services of any complexity to individual customer’s orders, on schedule and with high quality. We are ready to work with both the new facilities, and the reconstructed, creating and ensuring the reliability and durability of every square meter of your industrial floors.

Saturn Invest Constructions provides a full range of services — from the project, its further implementation, followed by the single integrated system!

Ландышев Владимир

Директор по развитию

The main distinguish and advantage of our highly qualified specialists is strict technological discipline and the highest production standards. Our partners, suppliers of materials from Germany, Austria and Denmark regularly control the production of works’ processes on our construction and reconstruction projects, and the company’s employees are regularly visiting training and internship events at the enterprises of our partners in Germany and Austria.

On all questions related to the types of works, you can consult with us. Experts of the company will immediately come to your facility for inspection and will conduct a professional advice on required works and materials selection. We provide our services worldwide, making no distinction between large and small projects, simple and complex, what you can see yourself by contacting our specialists. Your choice of our company can guarantee you to get the desired result; our work — is a long-term investment into prosperous future of your company.